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Soweto VW Stories – Yolisa

Here is Yolisa’s emotional letter from her birthday celebration:

“Can it be put into words?…NO
Can it be replayed?…NO

Moments like these can only be relived in our memories.
Nobody knows what I was feeling but could surely depict from my reaction.
Seeing the cover, I had known it was a car but once I removed the cover, I couldn’t believe it was the car I wanted. The colour I wanted.

I still, feel goose bumps thinking about that special moment.
A moment that I ‘Thank The Man Upstairs’ for.

Thank You Soweto VW for listening to my brother for what I wanted as a dream car. You made it possible for my dream to come true. So much to say, so many emotions but I guess this will do for now, lol…”

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